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2018年02月17日(お知らせ New server

A new server will be released on 02-28. Just like in other times where we played on servers with 3 different channels, we will be launching a new channel. The channel will have the same current update, the same event and the same administration.
The existing accounts can be used to create characters (there will be no characters transferred between servers), we are still checking the question of the LP being used the same on both servers. There will be no need to reinstall or modify the client. If you have the urge to be top 1, or have friends with that intent then this is the chance. There will be no modifications to the Valinor server, maintaining the same attendance, the same updates and events that already exist. Recalling that this new channel will provide activation of Matrix/Mobius wars as occurred in Japan and Korea. The decision has been made, feasibility studies have been done and we will not back down. On the hard server, it was inefficient in collection, and in the number of players enough to stay online, so we closed the Arda Hard project, and we thank all those who participated showing so hard type servers are not possible on current dates, by the high number of private servers high exp.



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Author : ATLAS


    一人でプレイするのはつまらない。ゲーム情報が欲しい。チャットも楽しみたい。迅速で丁寧なサポートを受けたい。そんなかたのためにArkhan Japan Group(Skypeを使用)があります。参加してみたいかたは連絡ください。