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2017年12月12日(パッチ アップデート

Changes and corrections:
- Fixed file system that was corrupted, backed up general and fixed the central security flaw (24 hours work).
- Added 3% increase in the power of the drilling skill of the Human race.
- Reduced absorption/Reflection of s3 and s4 mobs
- Added christmas event
- NPC guild returned to its place
- Preparation of the server for the other Christmas events (as informed will be weekly events and every Friday we will announce the event the following week).

The X'mas drop event is already valid,
all mobs have a chance to drop buffs X'mas balls 300% Atk, Def or Lime with 3 minutes time,
Socks will be dropped in several colors,
these Socks should be changed in the Bunnygirl to get award.

Award table:
In the socks, you can see buffs X'mas balls, Gold lucky bag, Silver lucky bag, GRD, Soul Jewel.

The GM will also summon the monsters:
- Santa (Drop of X'mas garments, buffs, and socks)
- Perky Socks (Drop of Socks for trading)
- Big Snowman (Drop of Jewel,Warranty)

We will update the event information during the week.

The drop rate can be changed at any time
if there is a need on the part of the administration as well as if it is noticed a very high drop rate thus making it unfeasible to maintain

- ギルドNPCの修正
- Humanの掘削スキル??のパワーを3%増加 (どのスキルか分からん)
- S3/S4のモンスターの吸収/反射の減少

全てのモンスターからランダムにX'mas Ball(Atk/Def/Lime300% 3分間)とSocksが落ちます。

X'man Ball
Gold Lucky Bag
Silver Lucky Bag
Soul Jewel

Summon Event
- サンタクロース(X'mas Ball、Socks、サンタ衣装)
- Perky Socks(Socks)
- Sunowman(Jewel、Warranty)



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