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2017年11月27日(お知らせ Midgardサーバー

We are starting a new project this week, and it is a server focused on PVP.

Here is a brief description of the system

Introduction to the Midgard Server

Midgard Server
Midgard Server is an action server, and includes a more exciting PK system.
A server with multiple levels of content reinforcement.

The drop rate of the item is tripled compared to the existing server.
The rate of decline may change depending on the equilibrium and development situation.

If item update fails, items will be destroyed with a certain probability at +5 and +10 upgrade.
Additionally, if update +14 fails and update +15 fails, it will fall to upgrade +11.
In upgrades of +5, you'll be rewarded with a gem and +10 with two jewels.

Conversion Weapon/Conversion 2 Weapons is destroyed with a certain probability at +4, +8, +12 stage, and there is no compensation at the time of destruction.

Strengthen the NPC through strengthening during failure due to the item being destroyed if there is no reward (jewelry).
- In the weapon if +0 and fails it will fall to -1
- Durability applies to all items (with regeneration system of the item in the regeneration hammer npc).
- PVP or monster hunt, if the character dies, 1% of your level experience will be reduced.

If the experiment value is 0%, the level does not decrease.
PVP or monster hunt when the character dies from 1 to 3 items in the inventory can drop (this also depends on the penalty that the character has if 1000 more difficult to fall, the smaller the penalty the easier the drop of the items)

There is the possibility of dropping 10% of your lime

The PK level is changed.
Existing: Change more than 20 levels: more than 50 levels
- The peace system is excluded.
- Absorption due to level difference is excluded.
- A new option is added (new options for weapons and sets, we'll post more soon) ..
- The Guild system has recently been reorganized.
- The LP shop will have reduced prices.

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Author : ATLAS


    一人でプレイするのはつまらない。ゲーム情報が欲しい。チャットも楽しみたい。迅速で丁寧なサポートを受けたい。そんなかたのためにArkhan Japan Group(Skypeを使用)があります。参加してみたいかたは連絡ください。