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2017年11月19日(お知らせ 違反者逮捕

As of today I have identified (with the help of a complaint) an abnormality.
While investigating I found our test server open (I called today to finalize a test of the new currency).

When analyzing the logs, we found some players that obtained access to the test server (some serverrlist have Unstuck server that serves to unload the char and I believe that they entered there).

In this way I analyzed how many up level (from 10 to 15 level for 1 hour and a half on the test server) there we have a differentiated exp.

As there was no use of cheat and a breach was found, we take the following punishment as a precaution.

15 days ban for each character and we removed 50 level (about 15 to 20 and lost 50 I believe to be an acceptable punishment).
Many of the accounts were logged on a single IP, so there is suspicion of "account split" where the original owner did not participate in the "up".

We ask that any bug or breach found be reported to us for immediate solution.

We do not comply with such procedures that affect the progress of the server, so I will continue to check all the logs of the test server (from 1 week to the time it is on/off).

Any doubts we ask that they call us inbox and we will take the appropriate measures to restrain new actions.

The characters found vcs may notice by the loss of levels in the ranking, list can be requested inbox for a lesser spread of the problem already solved.




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