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Laghaim Arkhan
New skills.
Bulkan : Skill Hell Power,HellPower Control(Area Damage)
Kailip: Magic Protection(Defense Shield 20%, when activated reduces damage and increases your defense for 60 seconds)
Aidia: skill blessing from the hell(Buff, increases 40% chance of critical damage and can be used in other characters as well as red and P3).
Human: Penetration Expand(Passive skill of 35% damage)
Hybrider: Sword Reflection(Reflection of the sword, increases in 20% to 30% reflection when activated by making the defense better) and Hammer mastery II (80% increase in damage hammer damage when placed points in skill)
Perom: D-System Armor(7% increase in the character's total defence).

Level of skills : 550

New Deckaren
Drop Ren: Nomi Magic Stone(Add 10 and change for 1 Buff 300 % in Laglamia Bunnygirl), Soul, Blood and Chaos Jewel, BGS, GRD, GS, Secondary weapons ready to use, 400 Weapons ready and Recipes for 500 weapons.

Adjustment(Correction of Drake Def/ATK + adjustment in skill 300 that will receive an up in the damage and now hits from 2 to 3 mobs.)

Drop Genus(Capsulas)
Drop S3/S4 ( Skill scrolls )

Level reduction for entry on maps:
S1 : 330
S2 : 380
S3 : 420
S4 : 550

A few minor adjustments will be made(Preparation for new Shields, Covers and Wings and New weapons).

New Evo are ready and we'll launch soon too.
We appreciate everyone's patience.