Laghaim Arkhan 情報


2017年12月30日(プレイ日記 箱入り


2017年12月28日(お知らせ WhatApp

Don't flood.
Don't insult (already had ban for this)
Don't send videos or gifts or images that aren't about the game.
Too many rules to be added as required.

Reason for the previous group not to be used
The mobile phone that was as an admin was lost so I couldn't recover the group administration leaving some undesirable players bothering the rest of the group.

2017年12月27日(レベルアップイベント レベルアップイベント

Event character name : FIRST0000~9999


2017年12月26日(レベルアップイベント レベルアップイベント

Start : 2017-12-26 22:00 sv.time

The event character mustn't all PK. (contain for PvP,Soccer field,Wars)
(Ban for 3 day,7 days, 30 days)

If you used a bug,we ban to your account. (Permanent)

Event character mustn't login the normal server. (Permanent ban)
Normal character mustn't login the event server. (Permanent ban)

If you did a insult act,the character will be eliminated from the event.

If we thought need a new rule,we will add it.

There isn't the character level to receive the prizes.

2017年12月22日(レベルアップイベント レベルアップイベント

We will start a level up event on 25th December.

All accounts are valid, but a new server will be used, which will be available on the server's choice screen.
The server name will be EVENT.

All characters must be created on this server, creation on the normal server will result in loss of prize money.
After the event the characters and the award will be transferred to the normal server.

This event will be as a "new server" will have no guardian,
and no items ready to use.
So it will be an event with a little more difficulty/emotion.

Other rules, and the name that will be used will be informed on the day of the event.
If you have any doubts please contact us.

The Awards:
There will only be top 20 overall (no races)

Top 1
Weapon 680+10 full options, Set 650+15 full options, New cover/shields level 700
New secondary weapon, Pet Leopard

Top 2
Weapon 680+8 full Options, Set 650+13 full options, New secondary weapon

Top 3
Weapon 680+8 full Options, Set 650+13 full options, New secondary weapon,

Top 4,5
Weapon 680+5 full Options, Set 650+10 full options

Top 6,7
Weapon 680+3 full Options, Set 650+8 full options

Top 8,9
Weapon 680 +3 full Options, Set 650+6 full options

Top 10,11
Weapon 680+1 full Options, Set 650+3 full options

Top 12,13
Weapon 680+0, Set 650+0

Top 14,15
Weapon 500+10, Set 500+15

Top 16,17
Weapon 500+8, Set 500+13

Top 18,19
Weapon 500+5, Set 500+10

Top 20
Weapon 500+3, Set 500+8

All participants will run for 2 months cash (20000 of LP per week) if they reach level 400.

There will also be the draw of upgrades pack to leave part of the set or full weapon
(if you have a weapon +5 we will leave +10, if you have a part of the set +8 we will leave +15)

2017年12月22日(レベルアップイベント レベルアップイベント-訳


2017年12月20日(プレイ日記 Arkhan Japan Group



2017年12月19日(バグ バグ修正

Pets was fixed.
E-trader was fixed.
Guild stash losses will need to wait few days.
(I'm without internet on my house, so I use my smartphone 3g and it is very slow, so I can't open the guild and stash database. )

2017年12月19日(イベント X'mas イベント-更新

The Christmas ball event will close at 10:00 pm today.

We will start the upgrade event.
Below is an award

15 Upgrade tokens +15 = 1 weapon 680+8
15 Upgrade tokens +15 = 2 parts of set 650+10
30 Upgrade tokens +15 = Set 650+10 Full Options (HP, MP, EP, SP, Recovery)
50 Upgrade tokens +15 = Weapon 680+5 Full Options + Reduction in use level by 25 (from 680 it gets 655).

Upgrade Token can be purchased at the LP Shop.
To upgrade Token use NPC in Laglamia by clicking on the 400 Button followed by BGS + GRD

Enjoy 100% LP promotion to get your warranty 100%

Start: 12/18/2017 10:00 PM server time
Finalization: 01/01/2018 22:00 server time

2017年12月19日(イベント X'mas イベント-訳


2017年12月13日(お知らせ Forum

Now we also have a Forum.
to improve communication and make explicit all announcements, rules and events.

We ask you to register :



2017年12月12日(プレイ日記 バグ修正の結果





2017年12月12日(お知らせ キャンペーン

To participate and simple,
At each LP purchase, provide proof of some blood donation, donation of toys, donation of clothing to people in need and receive double LP.
It is very simple, after buying the LP, open a ticket by sending the proof of the donation on your behalf, and the id of the purchase transaction, we will analyze and being within the conformities will receive the same value in LP, it is two cash for one.
beginning: 12/11/2017
I finish: 05/01/2018
More information can use the messenger and send us a message.


期間 : 2017/12/11 - 2018/1/5

2017年12月12日(注意事項 ギルドについて

If you enter the game and notice that it is in another guild,
I ask you to exit and return to the Guild you were in.

The reason for this problem is that the whole Guild system has been lost
(We have been able to recover the guilds from September 2017)

If you are the Master of some Guild,
open a ticket and inform that the Guild is gone,
GM will send the Guild Build.

We will check all the data before sending so do not try to cheat.

Guild Buildが必要なひとは、チケットを送ります。

2017年12月12日(パッチ アップデート

Changes and corrections:
- Fixed file system that was corrupted, backed up general and fixed the central security flaw (24 hours work).
- Added 3% increase in the power of the drilling skill of the Human race.
- Reduced absorption/Reflection of s3 and s4 mobs
- Added christmas event
- NPC guild returned to its place
- Preparation of the server for the other Christmas events (as informed will be weekly events and every Friday we will announce the event the following week).

The X'mas drop event is already valid,
all mobs have a chance to drop buffs X'mas balls 300% Atk, Def or Lime with 3 minutes time,
Socks will be dropped in several colors,
these Socks should be changed in the Bunnygirl to get award.

Award table:
In the socks, you can see buffs X'mas balls, Gold lucky bag, Silver lucky bag, GRD, Soul Jewel.

The GM will also summon the monsters:
- Santa (Drop of X'mas garments, buffs, and socks)
- Perky Socks (Drop of Socks for trading)
- Big Snowman (Drop of Jewel,Warranty)

We will update the event information during the week.

The drop rate can be changed at any time
if there is a need on the part of the administration as well as if it is noticed a very high drop rate thus making it unfeasible to maintain

- ギルドNPCの修正
- Humanの掘削スキル??のパワーを3%増加 (どのスキルか分からん)
- S3/S4のモンスターの吸収/反射の減少

全てのモンスターからランダムにX'mas Ball(Atk/Def/Lime300% 3分間)とSocksが落ちます。

X'man Ball
Gold Lucky Bag
Silver Lucky Bag
Soul Jewel

Summon Event
- サンタクロース(X'mas Ball、Socks、サンタ衣装)
- Perky Socks(Socks)
- Sunowman(Jewel、Warranty)



2017年12月10日(プレイ日記 ネタなし